About Us

Light Emitting Design was established in 2005 to take advantage of the emerging revolution in lighting: LED technology, also known as solid state lighting or SSL. We have participated in the growth of a technology that is truly unique and has moved from the fringes of the lighting world into its mainstream. Along the way, we have gathered valuable expertise and experience in the design, sourcing and installation of LEDs for many different applications.

Light Emitting Design Inc. is a family owned, Canadian Corporation. Scott MacKinnon, founder of Light Emitting Design, has been involved in the lighting industry for over 25 years as a lighting designer for films and television. He is a graduate of Ryerson University and enjoys nothing more than a spectacular sunrise or sunset. Scott has a true passion for what he does, and it is reflected in his work. Pam Carnell is co-founder, and partner. Pam is also a Ryerson Grad and worked in commercial photography. She now runs the office and is most likely your first contact with Light Emitting Design.

“Scott worked on our front and backyard lightings and they are works of art. He genuninely cares about the job he takes, very dependable, and pours himself onto the job.” S. Lawrence, North York