LED Lighting

LEDs as a light source have taken the world by storm. With their increased energy efficiencies, durability and lack of heat, LED lighting has allowed designers a freedom in lighting design unequaled in the history of lighting. While LED lighting is quietly replacing conventional lighting , there are still some misconceptions about them.

“They are a lot more expensive.”
While LED lighting is more expensive than conventional lamps, their energy efficiency, low heat output and longevity reduce the infrastructure, operating and maintenance costs of a system. As the price of copper (wires and transformers) and electricity increase, so does the ‘cost’ of a conventional bulb. An LED system uses smaller transformers and wire sizes that help offset the cost of the LEDs. Maintenance and operating costs are also reduced so in the end you are paying less for the infrastructure and the use of the system.

“The LED light is too blue.”
In the early days of LED lighting technology, LEDs were indeed a sometimes garish blue color. This was due to the technical limitations at that time. However, like all great innovations, the ‘problem’ with color has been overcome to the point where even trained professionals would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a conventional light and an LED.

“LEDs aren’t very bright.”
While this was true up until a couple of years ago, it is certainly not the case now. In fact, we have happily heard our clients ‘complain’ about how bright LEDs are! It is much easier to reduce the output of light than it is to increase it. This allows lighting designers more options for their designs.

“My LED bulbs don’t dim properly.”
As LED lighting technology moved from the fringes to the mainstream, issues arose because LEDs were too energy efficient for the existing dimmer and transformer technologies. Some dimmers would work yet some wouldn’t. LED replacement bulbs wouldn’t work in low voltage pot lights etc. These issues have been largely resolved by manufacturers while Light Emitting Design has built up a substantial knowledge base regarding these issues to guarantee your LED lighting system will work for years to come.